About Us Serene Secular Social Service Society

Serene Secular Social Service Society commonly known as SSSSS was promoted by a group of socially committed activists. It was formally registered under the Registration of societies act, Tamil Nadu, in the year 1994 and the number is 55/94. The organization is registered in the Ministry of Home affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act in the Year 2003. The organization registered in the Income Tax Department under the section 12AA in the year 2002 and registered under the section 80G of income tax act in the year 2002 and in the year 2007 the organization was proud to get its permanent 80G income tax renewal from the income tax department. SSSSS started the initial work in Kosavapatty village in Dindigul focusing on the rights of women and children including the environmental issues as cross cutting. In the year 2001, SSSSS realized to have the target group as its board members. Gradually in the year 2006, the main focus was on the mill workers where the need for their health and education was identified especially for women and children to be promoted on their rights and development.

SSSSS has been working with more than 12,000 families of mill workers such as women, children and adolescents in Dindigul, Karur, Puthukottai, Tirupur and Trichy districts. The major activities of SSSSS are promoting child and women rights, financial linkage program for the economical development of the target group and formation of women movement at the district level are very out focusing and found to be very important which are supported by outside donor organizations. 5S also is the mile stone of having the community as a major resource which prepares to take the responsibility through participatory approach to have its long run in terms of sustainability. The methodologies of PRA, vision mapping, problem tree analysis and resource mapping are the main tool towards achieving the ultimate goal of each project.

Our Values

SSSSS has a strong belief that development should be initiated within the community itself, which is a task that cannot be done by outsiders. The role of SSSSS is that of a facilitator or a mediator who enables people to analyze and understand various issues and help them to help themselves. The strong belief of SSSSS is that the affected and the deprived group which is the target group is very powerful than the propitiators, therefore having their voice together for claiming their rights is the only way for them towards success and nothing else.

Our Vision

Attaining equity and equality development with the inclusiveness of gender and women rights.

Our Mission

Synergizing the potencies of the stakeholders towards realizing the vision of the organization.


To empower women, children and adolescents secularly to bring equality and national unity