Our Achievements

The project activities are very helpful towards the achievements which result mostly in favor of the labour benefits. The CBOs that we have established such as Adolescent Boys Group, Adolescent Girls Group, Joint Liability Group, women movement, Community Resource Center and Community Supportive Group are able to know their role and importance of their regular meetings to take up the lead role. They are ready to take up the issues as they are strong with their members such as caste based leaders, panchayat members, teachers and government officials of the CBOs which make them feel very powerful and knowledgeable.

The community has reflected an unexpected result in a significant way that all the panchayats of our block have accepted us and the objectives, the ultimate aim of SSSSS has been included in the minutes of all gram Saba meetings which we feel very good sign for the involvement of the community members especially the Community Supportive Group’s-CSG representatives who play vital role in the panchayats.

The government had called for 400 Para-legal volunteers to be recruited for which during this year we had applied for 46 survivors out of which the interview for 34 survivors were invited. There are 22 survivors attended the interview among which 13 members were selected and they are divided as a batch by the government for the training who are attending at Dindigul collectorate.

The sensitization program on sumangali issues to the CBOs and PRI members reflected in a very positive way that a woman broker who was earning good income through identifying and convincing the family of adolescents in helping them to get a mill work. She had been earning from this field for 6 years and above but on seeing the documentary film and our sharing on Sumangali, she literally cried and witnessed that from now on she would never do this business anymore. She stated that “Even if I lose my income doesn’t matter for me but will never get money on this”. She has joined as a member in the group of real estate and now she is a member in the women movement of SSSSS

SSSSS has taken steps for the government departments to take the responsibility of registering all the mill hostels and to ensure the healthy atmosphere and safety environment for the labours in the mill hostels which should be monitored by the social welfare board mandatorily and the norms of the government hostels which need to be applicable for the mill hostels. The appeal given to social welfare board in Dindigul district has been given call for the meet to have the interaction with the relevant department and the follow up of this meet was effective that there are 389 mills have registered their hostels. 

The community members from the target village have come forward to participate in the grama Saba meet and the women leaders at the major level has done the nomination to delegate in the local panchayat election.

The young workers are just emerging to be assertive and they are becoming familiar with labor laws through which they prove themselves not being exploited at the workplace.

SSSSS has formed a young workers federation with 957 members who are able to high light their issues and to come forward to have dialogue with relevant departments at all level.

The women movement formed by SSSSS has been established in 14 districts of Tamil Nadu which has been addressing all the labor issues of the districts and this movement has 6029 members which is strong enough to stand for their own rights and benefits. This movement has become an independent body that is registered and it has its own functioning which also has special website and all other contacts. The rights based activities of the target group is addressed and taken care by the movement and the development aspects of the labors are concentrated by SSSSS.