Serene Secular Social Service Society has been rendering support service for the community that are under privileged, vulnerable and in need of support in education, rights, empowerment, economical development, skill development, community participation in the Panchayat, political participation and in mobilizing the community for advocacy and lobbying with the government to bring policy level changes.

First and for most SSSSS gives awareness to the community in following which we make the community to be sensitized. Gradually SSSSS does the facilitation process for the community to identify the issues to be addressed and then helps them to find solution in making them to take decision by themselves. SSSSS makes them to own the projects towards sustainability. Even the beneficiaries of every program in the project are identified by the community themselves which leads towards success.

Empowering through Education

The education support was rendered to 157 textile adolescents and survivors who felt that they have not lost their schooling and college and it is their god given opportunity. There are 56 textile adolescent girls are supported to continue the ITI course in government ITI and 39 current working adolescents are supported to continue their nursing courses with government affiliated institution. 

Life Skill Education

The adolescents are taught on life skills through which they learnt on knowing of one’s own self, considering others from their own perspective and decision making. The adolescents were freed of their stress and they felt light after going through the full process of the training and the body mapping and critical thinking exercises were the remarkable components of this training.

Interface meetings

This program in unique and innovative that the affected and the response holder will be on either side to have direct dialogue on the particular issues such as the meet between the adolescents and the fathers addicted to alcohol, the young mothers and adolescents with the block development officer on the draw backs of medical benefits for them, the young workers with the mill associate to address the workplace issues and to improve the working conditions which have resulted 85% in favor of the target group.

Exposing to the reality

The exposure visit for the textile labours to various academics and institutions to get to know the context from place to place as well as to know the different coping mechanisms were very helpful to the target group to grasp the best practices on either side as well as to have determined on viabilities for their preferences in life and career.

Skill development

The adolescent mill workers are identified on their interest and talents to have themselves to be skilled. SSSSS helps them through computer, tailoring, embroidery and designing with stones and laces to have additional income so as to sustain themselves. The napkin making and marketing training was very much appreciated and the adolescents are interested to get developed on various skills. The Young workers’ Federation has started a community marketing on soap powder, phenol and soap water which has great demand among the community. There are 11 young workers and 9 survivors are able to make their income as full time and part time.  

Legal support

The mill workers and survivors are legally supported for claiming their bonus, provident fund, insurance, scheme amount and gratuity also other labor benefits. There are 449 cases being filed in the labor court on behalf of the labours.

Lobby and Advocacy

SSSSS takes the first and foremost step for negotiation through lobby and advocacy with different stakeholders so as to help the labors to have safety working condition and labour friendly atmosphere as well as for the labors to have their basic rights at the workplace.