Area of Expertise – Community mobilization

Area of Expertise

Community mobilization is a major strength of the organization and having the victim as a centre is a strategy that leads us towards success. SSSSS believes that the power of victims is very stronger than all who render solidarity and support for the victims. The community is covered at every level in the target areas where 5S works. Beginning from the ICDS children to the old age of the community are covered at various level through different age level CBOs like Children’s club, Adolescent Boys Group, Adolescent Girls Group, Joint Liability Groups, Community Supportive Groups, Block Level Steering Committee and Young Workers Federation where all sectors of the community is covered. These groups are able to benefit as per their limitations and eligibility criteria which channelizes toward all without any discrimination in neutral.

Economical development

Economical development is one of the most effective programs of SSSSS that help the community to have their supplementary, alternative and adequate income for the target community out of which 15% of the target community is able to have their self employment at their local and traditional trade. The survivors of the textile industries are freed from the bondage and are making their income from their interesting sector where they enjoy the true happiness and freedom. Through the financial linkage program through NABARD and Canara bank there are 114 JLGs are linked with Rs. 2, 42, 50,000/- last year.

Legal trainings and support services

As having the textile labours as a major target, SSSSS provides legal trainings for the community members at various levels. Not only training the community but also the legal assistance and support services are rendered for the victims and survivors who struggles to get their labor dues at the cause of closure of mills, occupational disease, accident within and outside the factory due to the work, PF dues, salary dues after shifting to other industries, incompletion of schemes amount in terms of discontinuing the work from the scheme also due to death at workplace, rape, suicide and murder.  There are 749 cases are filed at the labour court out of which 455 are success, 79 are dismissed due to the lack of evidence from the labour side such as contract copy of the scheme worker, identity card and salary slips that are unable to be produced by the labour and 215 are on process. To all of our surprise there are more than 89 cases got success through negotiation with the mill management and mill association. The mass rescue operation process turned the life of 478 labors of 4 spinning mills.      

Significance of SSSSS

SSSSS takes the advocacy and lobby programs at the district, state and national levels with different stake holders like government, employers, employers association, political parties and trade unions. SSSSS has promoted a women movement which has only women as its members having 6029 in 14 districts that has 80% of textile and 20% of other sectors of labors as its members. This women movement conducts the demonstration, campaigns, dharnas, agitations and rally on different issues focusing on labour issues through which they demand their rights. The rights based activities are carried out by this movement and the developmental activities are carried out by SSSSS.  There are very good case studies and life change stories as the outcome of these activities that still appreciated by the beneficiaries and the supporters which stand as our credit in our field of serving the needy and the struggled.