CARY – Tamil Nadu

Financial linkage program for JLGs in Collaboration with NABARD and Canara Bank of Sanarpatty

Welcome Address

Mrs. Dhivya Program Coordinator, Serene Secular Social Service Society formally welcomed the chief guests of the program Mr. L. Sanjivi, Assistant General Manager, NABARD Bank, Mr. G. Sengathir Selvan, Manager Canara Bank Sanarpatty, Mr. K.A. Jaleel, Program Manager, Geneva Global, Chennai and Mr. S. James Victor, Director, Serene Secular Social Service Society. She also extended the warm welcome to all the participants nearly 800 women who were gathered in the community hall on this occation.

Concept Sharing

Mr. James Victor, Director, Serene Secular Social Service Society explained about JLG (Joint Liability Group) and its benefits for women especially in their economical aspects. He insisted that SSSSS is very particular in forming the young workers of the textile mills as JLGs so as to have alternative income through business because the mill work causes major health issues for mill workers in their reproductive health. He also mentioned that SSSSS is very interested in concentrating on the young workers of Sanarpatty block in colobration with Freedom Fund Geneva Global part of which our program manager is present here and we will be working for three years to reduce their risks to our maximum. We acknowledged the financial support of NABARD and Canara Bank for helping the target group of SSSSS to have changes in their economical aspects.

Presidential Address

Mr. L. Sanjivi, Assistant General Manager, NABARD Bank said that it is not easy to form JLG or SHG and very particularly it is a great process to get loans for them. He appreciated Serene for having nearly thousand women in the JLGs. He appreciated the concept of SSSSS having special concern on the young workers of the textile mills. He said special thanks to Freedom Fund and Geneva Global for carrying out this special task in Sanarpatty block. Mr. Sanjivi requested the JLGs to be very particular on the repayment of their loans so as to make themselves worthy of receiving next loans with large amount than what they are about to receive for the first time. He asked the beneficiaries to make use of the opportunities and to give cooperation for SSSSS in every level for the change in the life of every individual to have balance in finance.

Mr. Sengathir Selvan, Manager Canara Bank said that “First of all everyone should thank the donars of SSSSS that are Freedom Fund and Geneva Global because it is their finance strength that urged me to support their target group” He continued saying that it is the responsibility of each one of the beneficiary to know their loan dues and the repayment every month. He asked all the members of the JLGs to take turn to come over to the bank for their repayment. He acknowledged that he is happy with SSSSS for the previous loans availed to the JLGs on their repayment and bank transaction. He insisted SSSSS to ensure their activities on loan as well as their repayment.


Mr. K. A. Jaleel, Program Manager, Geneva Global Tamil Nadu, Chennai said on seeing the women packed in the hall that” You all are happy that each of you are receiving happy but I am happy that all of you are receiving loan” He continued his short speech in mentioning the challenges and the problems faced by the young workers especially in the industries. He insisted them to have a well planned plan for their bussiness from the loan and to have regular monitoring on the business so so as to have more benefit from the business than of loss also it will help in rectifying the problem in the business. He wished everyone to have success in business and to have good rank in repayment. He thanked NABARD and Canara Bank for supporting them financially.

Documentary film and sharing of Victim

During the lunch interval a documentary moovie on “Karuhum Mottuhal”  was played which made most of the eys in the hall to roll down the tears. This movie was documented by Serene and as it was done from the working villages it could bring the whole essence.

There was a sharing from the sumangali victim Ms. Saranya (17) who worked in 3 mills from her age of 14. She was hospitalized two months back in Manaparai due to occupational discease. It was her very bad situation on which she was sent from KPR mill to get treated as she had been suffering from stomach pain quiet often. Saranya underwent a surgery in suspecting appendix unfortunately after the surgery she was found to have Tuberclosis Tubaralis. She was identified by SSSSS during the baseline survey done in her native village Nochiyodaipatty after which she was visited by the staff team in the hospital where we collected the documents for evidence. SSSSS made an appeal letter to KPR mills in demand of her medical reimbursement and loss of pay for her health.  The administration of the KPR mills called for negotiation for which Saranya and her family were brought to the mill for expressing their issue. She was availed Rs. 50,000/- as compesation and Saranya and her family witnessed the same in the meeting which gave clarity to the participants on the activities of SSSSS for the target group. The brief history of this case is done with its process for our documentation.      

Vote of Thanks

Mrs. G. Flora Mary delivered the words of thanks to the managers of NABARD and Canara Bank for availing loans for 42 JLGs consists of 226 beneficiaries among which 59 are the young workers of the textile mills. The released loan amount is Rs. 56,00000/- that is Rs. 25,000/- per head. She thanked Mr. K. A. Jaleel, Program Manager, Geneva Global whos presence added flavor to the event as we have launched this young workers project newly in the block of Sanarpatty. She thanked the participants all who participated in the program.