Case Story

Case story – Jothi

Jothi(16) is born of very poor Mr. Ayyasami and Mrs. Mangammal of Sanarpatty. Jothi is the only child for her parents who is very normal and calm in nature. She studied only up to 8th standard after which she started going to spinning mills in supporting the parents for their survival. She became the adolescent group member in the month of September’2015 where she is very particular in attending the weekly meetings of the adolescent group in her village.

After attending the meetings and 2 trainings on nature of adolescents and menstrual hygiene, she came in explaining her issues that she was married to a mild MR man who never showed interest on her. She was forced in marriage by her parents in the month of August to such man who had agricultural land. In the month of October, she came running away from her husband’s family to her parents. It was very pathetic to share her bitter experience within the two months of her married life. She called the program staff to her house and started weeping for more than 20 minutes. The staff let her to cry out and waited for her to share after once stopping the tears.

She was forced to misuse by her father in law even during the day. The poor Jothi went complaining to her mother in law who unexpectedly stated that “Your husband is MR and you can never enjoy the happiness so what is wrong when his father wills to make you happy”. Jothi became very miserable and never liked to return back to her husband’s house anymore. She was unable to share this issue with her parents who always force her to live with the husband. Jothi cried aloud saying that if she is not given divorce from her husband, she would die than going back to the hell (Husband’s house).

The parents never want to keep Jothi with themselves and the 5S staff explained the exact issue of Jothi with her parents who cried and said that they have only one child and have nothing for the future of Jothi therefore they gave Jothi in marriage to a landholding guy. Jothi did not want to stay with her parents and the village meeting for the negotiation of her married life was arranged in her husband’s village of Semmamadai where the project staffs of GG from 5S stood for Jothi and there she renounced her married life and now she is going to Ambika cotton mills for daily wages. She had been working in the same mill before her marriage in scheme with which she got married.

Case Study – Mary

Mary (16), D/O Arockiasamy and Rosaly was working in soundarraja mills where she was found to have sexual harassment issue at the mill. Mary’s parents were separated since a year with major understanding due to which Mary and her mother returned from Pollachi to Dindigul leaving Mary’s father and brother. On hearing the issue of Mary the field coordinator and the program coordinator of 5S rushed to the mill along with the Director. The mill administration refused to send Mary as she may bring allegations on the mill. This was a clear indicator for 5S to confirm the 100% of sexual harassment caused to Mary by the manager and supervisor of the mills.

The Director of 5S could easily convince the Panchayat president of Mary’s village Mr. Moorthy along with few key persons from the village to deal this case. As the president is the current political party it was very easy to deal the case with the mill administration and Mary is rescued from the mill. She was kept at the office premises of 5S for 11 days where the staff team of 5S took turn to stay with her in the office and after making her to become quite normal through constant counseling, we could call the separated parents and helped the family to have peace with each other and now Mary is glad to be with her parents and brother.

The staff could see the father of the child crying for the family and realized his mistake of having let the family astray by being addicted to alcohol. Indeed it is an amazing experience to see the separated family enjoying the peace after a year that could help Mary to overcome the harassment issue happened to her at her workplace. (The name of the girl is changed and the village name is not indicated)