Exposure visit Report

Exposure visit report of the action research group Emakkalapuram


The action research group of Emakkalapuram has been discussing on their various issues in the village and the group was never able come out of their basic problems. There was a special meet on problem matrix where the villagers with maximum all levels of age groups were able to participate. The action research group selected the responsible leaders for the listed issues such as gutter water, drinking water, viable alternative livelihood and the sourcing techniques.

The action research group with 14 members decided and planned for an exposure to Pollachi where they visited the paper cup and betel nut plates making industries. Mr. Thirumurugan from Pollachi who was glad to explain the process to the team and the group was glad to interact with them. Mrs. Poongodi interacted with the workers of the small unit that they wanted to do an alternative livelihood option for their village and they want to stand on their own leg.

The workers were happy and impressed of their motivation and interest on self employment also on eco friendly as betel nut plates. The labours explained that this work is interesting and eco friendly, it makes us active in work and the creativity will increase. Not only in shaping we learn the perfectness and even in our work at home and in keeping things at home, we have improved our perfectness. Everything is by learning and even if we don’t like and don’t have the interest, we will keep things in its place. Not only our work helps us with income but the most important thing is that we learnt perfection.

The Emakkalapuram team got interest and as they were interacting on the business, Mr. Thirumurugan  explained that first and the most important element in this business is that on the marketing because without the marketing any microenterprises or small industries at the very most of its start will have its end. He did mention that it is not do discourage because many teams who come and visit the unit but none was able to start due to the unplanned marketing techniques.

The team did visit the paper cup making unit on seeing of which all of them got convinced and they felt that there is no work for people and the mechanized system to the whole except packing and counting. The owner of the unit Mrs. Mallika said that the labours can’t be paid much as it doesn’t involve manual work at major level. The team members felt that the small scale business which we initiate within our village should avail job opportunity for most of the women and adolescent of our village therefore we need to look for a business that is viable for many of us.     

Exposure visit of action research group Pungambadi



The garment industry is one of the oldest and largest export industries, exemplifies the challenges associated with global manufacturing: low wages, “flexible” contracts and sweatshop conditions. In the garment sector, production can be dispersed to many locations across and within countries. In developed countries, this is associated with outsourcing production to developing countries. In developing countries, production moves within and between countries in search of cheaper/faster labour. The garment industry is the largest employer in manufacturing. However, garment workers are often informally employed and home-based, thus invisible and rarely represented in national statistics

Aspiration of Community members

Garment production at home is often one of the few options available to poor women like us. It is the most need that like us to be able to earn income but also be home to carry out other domestic duties.

Mrs. Bhavani said that the reason why we choose is that home-based workers and are least educated workers – substantially less educated than the formal workforce but also with less schooling than other informal workers. We have seen that the garment work was mainly done by Muslim women who stated social constraint against going out for work was a main reason for working from home. But in our case we have freedom to go out but have very less opportunity to work in comfort and without exploitation. Especially now a days there is no safety except our own home and village.

Reality to be respected

Mr. Muruganantham of the small garment industry of Tirupur explained that, while manufacturing may be a tough business, it can also be a satisfying one. Instead of producing a service or experience, a manufacturer creates an item. This may provide the owner of the company with the satisfaction of having made something that people use and, in many cases, deeply value. One enjoys the satisfactions of the craftsman on a large scale. He further mentioned that although a successful manufacturing company hinges upon a competent business model, the demand for manufactured products continues to grow.

In small scale production, fewer workers are employed. Therefore, a close relationship exists between the employer and the workers. Because of this close relationship, the employer can look after the well-being of his employees and employees, too, consider their work as their own and the work goes on smoothly without any disputes between the two parties. Mrs. Deepika the worker of the small garments said that, the small scale producers generally cater to the local demand. Hence, they remain in touch with their customers. A small producer personally knows his customers. Therefore, he can produce goods according to the taste and fashion of each individual customer.

Conviction on the potable choice

The team of the exposure got convinced that the management of small business is easy and economical. Moreover, simple accounts and a few persons can manage the job well. The most important fact is that, there is complete freedom of work in a small business organization. Workers are more or less self-sufficient. They are not dependent on the capitalists and carry on their jobs freely. Whenever demand changes, the supply can be adjusted accordingly. The team members assured that in the next action research group meet, they would come with the complete plan and with their target as well.