Inauguration of Tailoring Centre

Inauguration of Tailoring Centre – Anjukulipatty

Program Coordinator of the project Mrs. Thivya welcomed Mr. Rajendrapandian the president of the village who came to inaugurate the tailoring centre and Mr. James Victor Director of Serene Secular Social Service Society who are present to share the concept of the project. She also welcomed the adolescent girls and the women who were very eager in learning the skill of sewing for their small income.


Mr. S. James Victor Director of 5S said that we purely work and render support for the mill workers and this project will support them in their education, health, economical development, legal support and social entitlements. He also explained the issues of sumangali schemes and the common issues that the mill workers face in their working areas. He said that the various trainings and capacity buildings of this project shall surely help towards reducing the risk in life as well as in the work places. He wished all of them to take initiative to learn and get benefit from the opportunities availed for them all through this tailoring centre.


Mr. Rajendrapandian president of Anjukulipatty inaugurated the tailoring center and said that I am very privileged to be here and I am honored in inaugurating this center. He said that we are lucky to have SSSSS having taken our village as one among their working area.  He insisted everyone to make use of all the programs available from SSSSS. He also assured his constant cooperation for implementing each program of the project in his village.


The participants were happy to sit on the machines and they assured to learn and fulfill not only the purpose of the project but also to get benefit individually so as to have status in their life through small savings.