Interface meet with law enforcement and adolescent girls

Interface meet with law enforcement and adolescent girls – Sanarpatty police station


The purpose of this interface meet is to make better understanding on the roles and responsibility of the law enforcement for the adolescents who work and study.

Mrs. Rajamani assistant inspector of police was very glad to have this meet among the adolescents and she said that now the women are facing lot of problem on sexual harassment while they study and work in the work place. The women have stress due to over burden of work as the men 80% become addicted to alcohol. She said that the young girls have no space to have time with their parents therefore they easily lured and fall in love with the opposite sex. As the adolescent group meet has given the space each one should make use of the opportunity and learn good behavior and moral values for life to have better future. 

As per the safety and security is very important and should never accept the help or any lift offered by the unknown persons. Women should always be courageous and self confident because the law and our department are always look at issues in women perspectives. The infatuation problem of the adolescents should always be clear to the adolescents as their age factor only then the girls will have correct way of life if not they may have problem.

Mr. Alagappan head of the department said that the girls should never get afraid of the police rather everyone should consider the police as friend and helper. Not only that the community should have the responsibility of informing any crime that happen in the village. The adolescent girl Amala raised question that the informers are asked to register their personal details therefore the community is scarred of intimating the issues to the police station. He then said that the informer need not tell whole details and they can ask us to keep it secret for security from the community after which their name will not be published.

The girls were asked to share on the common issues that occur in their villages and the girls shared that domestic violence due to alcoholism and illegal affairs of the husband or the wife, dowry, unemployment and harassment issues. The police officer inquired about the child line and their activities in their village. The girls raised the strong voice saying that child line is very inactive only in Dindigul district and they never inquire on the complaint rather they investigate the petitioners because they are never ready to take up the issues.  

The girls were asked to be strong and courageous at the same time they should not believe the unknown persons easily. The girls asked for the missing petition box in public place for which the head constable explained that the petition box is misused by the community and they are in most of the times complaining about false information therefore the petition boxes are removed.


The participants were glad and they had clarity on the obligations and the role of the law enforcement. The girls were proud to receive the phone numbers and they were assured to complaint throughout 24 hours a day in the week.