Interface meet with the Director of industrial safety & health

Interface meet with the Director of industrial safety & health – DDISH office, Dindigul

The participants shared that the workplace issues are not only violating the labour rights moreover it affects us as women rights about which we can’t share anywhere. As the DDISH is a woman it is very advantage for us the women. Mrs. Kavitha DD asked to share on the intolerable issues. The participants stated that the industry owners are really good and the mediators between the owners and the labours are the perpetrators of the harassment issues of women.  The DD asked to explain in detail on an issue that they have experienced and witnessed. Likewise they shared 7 issues on hearing which she never spoke a word rather paused a while and started further.     Mrs. Kavitha Director of industrial safety and health for the district was introduced to the workers group who went to meet her in the office on the situation of the labours also to know the facilities available for them as well as the labour friendly mechanism if available under her department by herself.  She started to share on her views before which she asked to implore the difficulties that they come across as a labour in the workplace.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the workplace a priority setting for health promotion in the 21st century. Workplace can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of workers, their families, communities and society at large. Safe work and workplace is necessary for increased production and higher productivity and hence promotion and protection of safe work and workplace is the complementary aspect of industrial development. However, industrial occupations may create unsafe work and work environment because of the inherent sources of hazards present in their materials. In present, the supervision had no significant association to knowledge level of workers. The possible reason might be that supervision mostly confined to workers activity and production but not on the work style as confirmed by the majority of workers.

Right of workers

Every worker shall have the right to

  • Obtain from the occupier, information relating to workers’ health and safety at work.
  • Get trained within the factory wherever possible, or, to get herself sponsored by the occupier for getting trained at a training centre or institute, duly approved by the Chief Inspector, where training is imparted for workers’ health and safety at work.
  • Represent to the Inspector directly or through his representative in the matter of inadequate provision for protection of her health or safety in the factory.

She did ask about the fire and safety as well as on the safe zone of the industry on which the factory should explain the labor on the very first day of the labour in the factory. She also inquired on the last visit of their factories in which each one work. The participants shared on the auditing and the few workers stated that they did not know who the visitors were but they were able to explain that the adolescent workers were verified during which few of them were asked to say their increased age and in one of the mills they were caught as they signed in the register at the entrance.

The DD asked the workers that they are not coming forward to address the issues when she will be on her inspection. The workers all in one voice highlighted that they would never tell out the issues in any place of the mill campus as they do not have security as well as job assurance, moreover the salary of the worked days. They also said that the factory and their admin are very big, as a small poor and single labour it is never possible to argue with the employers.

Mrs. Kavitha DD asked now in which support you all are able to state on the issues. The girls said that we are in the federation of 5S which look at our problem and help us to find solution therefore we are not afraid, she also asked just to make a fun that she would take the photo and identify them in the factory by the owners for which they girl velankanni said that no one has right to take our photo without our concern. On hearing this, the DD was shocked and she did encourage the workers and asked to address the issues to her at any time as a response she would stand with them like 5S.

Mrs. P. Iswarya delivered the words of thanks to the District Director of industrial safety & health for availing her valuable time for the labours and she did appreciate her for being keen to note the issues of the labour. She also thanked the staffs of her department who made this day very possible to meet and get information on safety and health.