Report for distribution of safety tool kit


Serene Secular Social Service Society-SSSSS had organized a program in VGS Mahal, Dindigul on 23.11.2016 at 11.00am for the distribution of safety tool kit for the textile young women labors of Sanarpatty block which was supported by Clean Cloth Campaign-CCC. The trade union leaders and the novelist who writes on textile labor issues were invited for this program. The welcome address of this program was done by Mrs. Dhivya Program Manager from SSSSS. 

Current situation of labors-Mr. S. James Victor, Director-SSSSS

The private spinning and garment factories are not availing the health safety tools for the labors for their welfare as it is mentioned in the factories act 1948, instead the labors are not given awareness on the safety measurement. The women labors are facing lot of health issues in working with the industries without the safety tool kit due to which they become ineligible for any work moreover their health condition become worsens that they are no more able to continue the work which they had been doing in the mills.

There were 50 beneficiaries selected with the support of the community supportive groups from 25 villages. These beneficiaries are totally depending on the spinning mills that they often happen to work all the 3 shifts throughout the day. SSSSS finds lot of health issues among the women labors who never have time to take care of themselves rather they have time only to cook at home and go for the work apart from this they never even have time to have a sit with their  children even they are kids.

Today Serene Secular Social Service Society along with Clean Cloth Campaign has come forward to distribute the safety tool kit bag for the health safety of the labors in awakening them on their safety and protection at the work place. It was planned and distributed the tool kit for the 100 sample kits as first phase for 50 young women labors among 3000 textile labors of Sanarpatty block were distributed.

There were 80 textile labors from Sanarpatty block participated in the program. The items of the safety tool kit are as follows: The respiratory mask to protect from the dust and cotton spots, The hair cap to protect from the machines, An apron to protect their dress and themselves not to be caught by the force of the machine speed, medical kit for first aid, A safe water bottle that has capacity to release less water so as restricting the dusts and cotton entering the water, A whistle to blow on emergency situation for help, A bag with a lock and key to keep the belongings safe, A torch light to use in the absence of electricity, apart from this on considering the youngsters, they were availed a soap, towel, comb, face powder and mirror along with a first aid tips note and the health and safety awareness booklet.


Mr. V. Jeyaraman-ATP, General Secretary

The Anna Trade union’s general secretary of the current ruling political party was happy to give felicitation for this program, during which he lighted that the women labors are at the major level working in the textile sector and they contribute a lot for the economical growth of the country. In-fact, these labors have no health safety assurance in their work place therefore this event of distributing the tool kit for the textile labors is very innovative thing to be noted here. He stressed that “SSSSS is very strong working from the base level of the workers through and through from their village to the brands and trades which is the best practice and they achieved a lot on the aspects of labor benefits”. He did share on the labor cases filed by him in the labour courts also about the success of few cases that recently resulted in favor of the labors. He also asked the labors to address him the issues related to the mills for which he would stand up to all level for the labor rights.

Mr. S. Jeyamani-AITUC- General Secretary

He was very glad to answer the questions of the labors such as when the labors asked that the first aid kit box is at the mill but the box has nothing in it, if this is the case what should a labor do? He explained that there is a medical officer assigned for these mills who has the office at the collector office to whom this issue could be noted. He said that the labors should stand united at the work place only which could be the possible way to win over. He was very proud at the activity of SSSSS and CCC which have more concern on the labors. He stressed that “AITUC is a big and long running trade union which has done many public meetings to address the labor issues but never done any direct support for the labors therefore this activity is very unique as well as essential especially for the women labors”.

Mr. Vichalan-Kalai Ilakkiya Perumandram

He is a novelist who wrote a recent novel on the labours of textile industries. He spoke that the alcoholism is a first and foremost issue for the young workers and women labours to undergo such struggles in the industries. He was very angry and stated the sexual harassment violence that are forced on the women labors of the textile industries. He did ask for the additional information that the labours want to include in the novel that is yet to be published in the    

Mrs. Dhivya Program Manager-SSSSS addressed the welcome speech; Mr. S. James Victor-Director-SSSSS chaired the program, the felicitation was addressed by Mr. V. Jeyaraman general secretary- ATP and Mr. S. Jeyamani general secretary-AITUC, Mr. R. Vichalan Kalai Ilakkiya Perumandram and the vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. S. Azhagumeena- Field coordinator-SSSSS.

Purpose of the program

  • We demand the private spinning mills and garment factories in Tamil Nadu should come on their own to provide such safety tool kit for the labors who are working in their industries.
  • In taking such health safety measurements, we demand the Tamil Nadu government should ensure the health and safety of women labors working in the private industries through monitoring efforts.

The central government should recognize and give 3.5% tax exception for the private mills that act sincerely on the labor development works as mentioned in Indian Labor act 1948 on health, safety, committee against sexual harassment committee and canteen committee, etc,.


Mrs. S. Azagumeena-Field Coordinator of SSSSS thanked all the participants as well as the trade union labors for their valuable time and sharing their activities and views related to the labors. She thanked all the labors who have foregone their wages today and have come all the way from their village for this program.  She thanked the staffs who organized such program.