Saranya Case Success Report

The blissful moment amidst the money lenders pester on my debts…

Here is the success story of Saranya’s case. We are glad to report that baseline survey itself could result in major achievement at all aspects of this project. While the baseline survey was in progress at Thavasimadai village, we are reported on the health issue of Saranya who has been hospitalized due to the occupational disease living at Manaparai area.

The staff team made a visit to the Sugam hospital at Manaparai where Saranya was lying down on the cart of the hospital ward having undergone a surgery in suspension of appendix by the physician after which Saranya was found to have the symptoms of Tuberculosis with few spots. We inquired the parents of Saranya who explained us the progress of her health issues saying that Saranya had been working at KPR cotton mills at Coimbatore before she was hospitalized.

She was sent home by the KPR mill administration due to the frequent stomach pain four months ago. The parents took her to Selvi Sekar hospital at Manaparai for a checkup as soon as she was sent from the mill. The physician advised her to take rest during which she was suffering from stomach pain again. The parents decided to refer her for other hospital but due to the economical problem they took her to the government hospital of Valanadu.  As usual being fed up with the GH, Saranya was taken to Chinadurai hospital at Manaparai where she had medical test including the X-ray and scan. The parents found no satisfactory therefore as guided by a relative Saranya was admitted in Sugam hospital at Manapparai where she is still under treatment.

The staff team of SSSSS has documented the issue through photographs and through oral statement from Saranya that she is in need of medical support and want complete recovery. The staffs assured their solidarity for her complete recovery and wished her the same.

As the follow up action for the health issue of Saranya, SSSSS sent an appeal to KPR mills in explaining the situation of Saranya and her family also the occupational disease that caused her while she was working at KPR mills. The medication of Saranya also was well explained to KPR mills after which there were few recommendations that SSSSS stated to the mill administration through an appeal letter on 14.09.15. This appeal was resulted over the phone call by the mill administration through the mediator for negotiation.

Mr. S. James Victor again sent the mail to KPR mills to have interaction on Saranya’s issue with her and no more with such mediators. The mill administration replied through the mail in requesting SSSSS to come over to the mills for a visit and to have interaction on Saranya’s health issue. SSSSS again acknowledged the mill administration in saying that they would suggest with Saranya’s family for the appropriate date to meet the mill administration, therefore Mr. S. James Victor, Director with the project staffs of SSSSS and made a purpose visit to Saranya’s family on 28.09.2015 in the evening. The team could find only Saranya and her mother but the father went to the weekly market of nearby village for luggage pulling.

The team coordinated by Mrs. Dhivya discussed with them on Saranya’s health issue and asked their availability to travel towards the mill on claiming her medical bill. The family was found to be in more of financial crisis and they hesitate to come as they are challenging the travel expense. We assured their transportation needs and they were asked to be ready in the next day morning. The office bearers of TTCU and the project staffs of SSSSS along with Saranya and her parents were off to the mill on 29.09.2015.

There was a warm welcome from the KPR mills as the team entered the mill along with the family of Saranya. The family was made to sit at the reception and they were cared with respective hospitality. The team headed by Mrs. Dhivya was taken in for visiting the mill after which the documents, photo albums and the medals of the mills were exhibited for them to have a glance on the overall activities undertaken by the mill administration.

The manager of the mill Mr. Thangavel and the public relation officer Mr. Parthiban were hosting all the proceedings of Saranya’s case beginning with the appeal to the end. They suggested to pay Rs. 15,000/- as Saranya had worked only for 5 months in KPR mills. There was lot of discussions on their disagreement on the health issue of Saranya as she had worked for years in some other mill before coming to work in KPR mills.

Mrs. Dhivya explained the fact that Saranya was sent on her illness from KPR mill and they did not have the follow up on her arrival back for work. The mill administration started blaming Saranya and her parents that they did not inform on the medication process while she was in the hospital. Mr. James Victor explained on the facts with the parents in the hospital situation than of making the record with the mill. Finally they agreed to support her with Rs. 25,000/-.

Mrs. Dhivya was very stern in explaining the situation of Saranya’s family and the financial crisis they faced in mobilizing money for her treatment from the money lenders for the cost of interest. She continued requesting that they should give her at least Rs. 50,000/- of her medical treatment if not we require nothing for Saranya and started moving. The manager and the public relation officer of the mill made all of them to sit and they gave Rs. 50,000/- to Saranya’s mother. The team along with the family of Saranya thanked the mill administration for their hospitality and for the financial support availed to Saranya.

The mill administration requested SSSSS to keep in touch with them and to keep them informing on any issues of their mill and they assured to fulfill the demands of SSSSS in future regard to any workers of their mill. It was really a makeable experience and SSSSS is pleased on the successful ending of this case. The family of Saranya had a happy home coming with the great financial support as per their current financial crisis that they are out from the money lenders and the debt. To all of our surprise that through this incident, there is a healthy relationship between SSSSS and KPR mills which is one of the important mills that supply to the European country.